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Visualization of Biochemical Pathways

In this project we develop tools for the visualization of biochemical pathways.
This includes:
  • An Application to display and render metabolic pathways.
  • Server side visualization plugins for the visualization of database queries.
  • Specialized automatic graph layout and labeling algorithms for metabolic pathways.
  • Visual comparison of pathways.
All software is written in JAVA 2, and runs therefore on a wide variety of platforms. The software is not dependend on a special database, especially you can integrate the tools into your own application over a simple API.

Pathway Browser

Pathway Browser is an application for the visualization of Metabolic Pathways.

Short description of Pathway Browser.

Download of Pathway Browser (zip) (tgz)

yWays Library

yWays is a library for the visualization of Metabolic Pathways. It contains powerfull layout algorithms as well as a Java Bean for displaying Metabolic Pathways.

The yWays online manual.

The yWays manual (PDF).


BioMiner is an application to predict pathways in a completely sequenced organism. The visualization part of BioMiner, PathViewer, is based on yWays.

Description of PathViewer

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